Cortina Dobbiaco Run: Tips from Gianni Poli

In early June, one of the most stunning Italian races takes place. A mix of road and trail in the heart of the Dolomites. The winner of the 1986 New York Marathon and organizer of the race explains how to tackle it.

Gianni Poli, the organizer of the Cortina-Dobbiaco Run and winner of the 1986 New York Marathon, ran the course of this race for the first time in 1988, in preparation for the Boston Marathon.

He liked the course so much that he chose it to organize his own event ten years ago. ‘It’s a tough but really exciting course – he explains -. Its charm is such that it almost cancels out the fatigue.’

In the attachment that you can download, you’ll find 10 tips from this great expert on how to tackle the 30 km Cortina-Dobbiaco or the non-competitive 11.5 km race